What to Wear in Summer: Beat the Heat

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Look estate 2019: Chloé Faye , pantaloni grigi, sandali Bruno Premi e top nero


It’s so hot today that even the words I would like to use to write this post remain stuck to the keyboard… I suppose you can understand me, since the summer heat wave seems to have hit everywhere, at least in Europe! That’s why, more than the summer 2019 fashion trends, these days my looks are inspired by practicality: sandals and handbags suitable for the summer, but also a heat resistant and very light makeup!



Dressing in summer, when the temperatures are really extreme, in fact, is not always easy, especially for those who are not yet directed to the beach 🙁 . At the office, at the moment it’s just me and HIM, my great summer love, close in an intimate and passionate relationship, sweet as a fresh summer breeze. I already love him, I can no longer do without him, at least for the space of this long hot summer!


Prove di makeup estivo anti afa – via il fondo tinta, via libera alla mia BB Cream preferita!



The heat, however, these days is bothering me to the point that I have also lightened my makeup a lot… Even my usual ultra light foundation weighs me down! So, I replaced it with this fantastic BB cream with integrated SPF that, I must say, is giving me great satisfaction: it stays in place all day, gives a minimal and absolutely natural coverage, and leaves your skin bright and dewy. And, above all, it’s nice and light and stays in place, despite the tropical temperatures!

Last year, also in the summer I used this one, with an even higher SPF, which in my opinion is ideal if you stay outdoors for a long time every day, but you do not want to give up a minimum of coverage! On both products there is currently a fantastic 15% + Beauty bag with multiple products, which is not bad!


My summer looks still suitable for the office, but I will replace them with my holiday outfits very soon!

    Come truccarsi d'estate over 40






Sandals, Bruno Premi, old, similar HERE and HERE

Trousers, Zara, old, similar HERE and HERE

Top, ASOS, THIS ONE. I have an identical one in white. In summer and on holiday I use them a lot, combined with skirts, shorts, skinny jeans … They are super practical and can be thrown in the washing machine. They don’t even have to be ironed!

Handbag, Chloé Faye, HERE . Rewiew (in English) HERE.

Earrings, Satellite Paris, gift, old, similar HERE

Lipstick, MAC Capricious, HERE





Look estate 2019: Chloé Faye , pantaloni grigi, sandali Bruno Premi e top nero



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