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In this hectic pre-Christmas time stress is likely to rise to the highest levels. This is why it’s important to take a break from time to time and to take some time for ourselves… to make yourself look beautiful, but also just to get a breath.

To do so, it’s not necessary to opt for expensive SPA treatments in some cosmetic salon: the luxury treatments offered by these structures can be in fact recreated in comfort at home

For me, the opportunity for a self-indulgent pampering afternoon came thanks to , the renowned Swiss online store for cosmetics and hair products, which gave me the opportunity to test some fantastic products, simply perfect for a sumptuous DIY SPA Day.
I love the quote! 😉

Together with some other cosmetic products, I received this beautiful PerfectBox – Winter Edition, which proved to be simply perfect for the kind of SPA Day at home I had planned!

PerfectBox Winter Edition
Una PerfectBox decisamente ricca!

The luxurious packaging already looked really good. And inside, it revealed many fantastic products I was immediately excited to try!

This is why last Sunday, after a week of work commitments followed by a series of particularly demanding dinners and lunches, I took an afternoon just for me.

This “me time” gave me the idea to write a post about my experience and to give you some ideas and hopefully helpful tips to organize a perfect, self-indulgent SPA day at home and pamper yourself with some really great luxury products!

You will see, body and soul will thank you!

Prepare yourself a drink

OK, if you really want to, even a glass of champagne. But my favorite option, especially in this period of excessive eating and drinking, is a simple glass of lukewarm water with the addition of some lemon juice and, if you like it, a pinch of ginger. You will immediately feel detoxed and lighter!

Create the right atmosphere

A SPA day is first and foremost an experience of the senses. This is why it’s important to create the right atmosphere! Choose a relaxing musical soundrack that makes you feel at peace with the world. 

Light some candles, like this one by oolaboo, made of 100% soy wax . The fragrance is simply heavenly and remains in the air for hours even after. 

prodotti di
It’s important to prepare everything in advance… before you enter the bathtub!

Of course, it’s important to create a visually relaxing atmosphere too: after lighting some candles, I closed the blinds to create a calming, soft SPA atmosphere in my own bathroom… and also add some Christmas vibes, perfect for this Advent Sunday!

A bath will make you feel in heaven

If, like me, you’re used to take showers instead of using the bathtub because you never have the time, prepare a wonderful bubble bath (I added some drops of my favorite perfume, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, to the water). 

While you relax, do something for your hair: I chose to apply this thermal wrap by ikoo with it’s protective, regenerating effect. It also claims to make your hair color last longer. It contains lavender and marigold oil. Leave the mask on your hair for about 15-25 minutes. The active substances are released by a hair wrap that is really practical to wear on your hair for the recommended time. Over it, I added a microfiber wrap to add some warmth and potentiate the effect of the mask.  

hair wrap
A great thermal treatment wrap for your hair

My hair, still a little suffering after my recent holiday in the Maldives, has literally reborn! This is one of the products I used during my SPA day I liked most. 

Take care of your face

A warm bubble bath is also the perfect time for a great face mask, the one we often skip because we don’t have the time. But this time you have all the time you need: you are sitting comfortably in your bathtub, enjoying the warm water. It’s the perfect moment to use your favorite face mask! 

latte detergente Dr. Hauschka
Cleansing milk by Dr. Hauschka, one of my absolute favorites from the PerfectBox

The important thing is to clean your skin perfectly before you apply the mask. I took the opportunity to test this  cleansing milk by Dr. Hauschka, made with almond and jojoba oil. The feeling is extremely sweet and calming on your skin. For me, it’s an ideal product for the cold season. 

The mini tube size is, by the way, really practical for travel: it save space and prevents any product spillage. 

Other fantastic face & body products you can find on

Never forget your pedicure

pedicure a casa

I confess that my feet are one of my body parts I neglect most. Therefore, I try at least to have some regular professional pedicures. But in the wintertime my feet really need some extra love!

Feeling blessed because of the extra time I was finally able to take for myself, after my bubble bath I decided to try this hydrating foot moisture pack by Kocostar.

maschera piedi

Applying this feet mask is easy and fun and will offer you an excuse to relax even a little longer: you simply have to open and wear the practical “socks”, soaked in nourishing and hydrating substances like shea butter, and take a 20 minutes nap. Of course you can also walk around in your socks if you prefer, but beware of slipping! 

The results are great: bye bye, scratchy heels! Your skin will feel soft like velvet after use. The other super positive aspect is that the use of this feet mask is absolutely practical, easy and clean.

To make the nourishing substances soak in even better, after a couple of minutes I massaged my hands and feet with a small amount of this fantastic hand cream from the renowned hair product brand Moroccanoil. I already used  their Oil Treatment (a renowned all-time classic) to prevent split ends. 

End with a sweet treat 

When I opened the PerfectBox, I found a real treat inside: a product I didn’t expect to find there and that I didn’t know yet: a yummy chocolate cream by the Swiss brand Caotina. You can spread it on a piece of bread or simply enjoy it “on the rocks” as a little sweet treat with the help of a tea spoon, like I did! 

creme chocolat Caotina
Fortunately I don’t have a sweet tooth… because this one creates addiction!

Caotina is one of those brands that immediately brings me back to my childhood: I grew up in the Alps in the canton of Grisons and spent my winters skiing, sledding and ice skating; and Caotina reminds me of all the times when, as a child, I went into a warm mountain hut after skiing for a long time, usually semi-frozen, to enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

This chocolate cream stays for pure swissness in a globalized world where certain things are disappearing more and more!

Among other things, inside my PerfectBox I also found a discount code valid on all product brands contained in the package: just enter the code PerfectWinter And you will benefit from a 10% discount. Valid until 31.05.2019.

Who, like me,  lives in Switzerland and in particular in the Canton of Ticino, knows well how difficult it can be to find hair and cosmetic products at a fair price: often the only possibility is offered by traditional shops that have a limited brand choice and very high prices.

The alternative is to order cosmetics abroad and get them shipped to Switzerland, but the shipping costs and customs duties are often exorbitant for Swiss customers.

That’s how I discovered a few years ago, when I purchased my Steampod hair straightener by Oréal at an unbeatable price. has a remarkable choice of hair and cosmetic product brands, many of them impossible or really hard to find elsewhere here in Ticino. 

The service, which I’ve got to test several times as a customer, is fast and efficient – another great advantage compared to the option of buying abroad.

Finally, the packaging is always beautiful and refined: I mean, look at this lovely PerfectBox … In addition to the practical booklet with a clear and detailed description of the individual products, it even has a comfortable mirror, with the inscription “You are perfect” that instantly lifts your spirits. 🙂


Many thanks to for the opportunity to test some of its most fabulous product during this wonderful SPA afternoon.

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