Travel wardrobe: five absolute must-have pieces for your vacation

Having just returned from my holidays (I’ve traveled through South Europe for almost three weeks  with a very small suitcase), I had the opportunity to test the capabilities of my travel wardrobe.

I usually try learn from my own mistakes and to remember what I did right.

For this reason, I decided to make a mini list of garments and accessories that have proved to be valuable allies during my last holiday.

So what should you always, always bring with you when you travel?

Here are my personal five must-haves.



I’d like to start with the most recent of these five must-haves, the cami top, made of silk or acrylic material (mine are almost all synthetic and frankly I think it’s an advantage, in this case: I can throw them in the washing machine when I come home and they always loke like new after washing, but even if I have to wash them while on vacation it’s never a problem).

They need very little space and can be rolled up for packing (as Marie Kondo teaches here) and can be combined with almost everything for daytime outfits, but also for evening and more elegant looks.

Where to buy them: here, here or here


For me, a great pashmina is a must-have for every holiday, no matter what the temperatures are. Over the last years, I’ve used my pashminas in every possible way, as an additional cover during long and freezing intercontinental flights, for example, but also in many other ways: to cover my shoulders or even my head in case of unexpected visits to temples, for example.

My favorite material is light cashmere, which is also ideal in summer if necessary. I have lots of pashminas in many colors and usually choose one that goes with almost everything else I have in my travel wardrobe.

Where to buy them: for example  here.


Another great classic for my summer vacation luggage that proved to be very useful during this holiday is a dark cotton dress. Not only it can be rolled up easily, but it doesn’t wrinkle and it takes very little space,. It can be used for an ultra casual day look (with flat sandals or sneakers and a shoulder bag), but also for more elegant outfits with the addition of a long necklace, a shoulder bag or a clutch, a beautiful pair of heels and, why not, even a hat!

For emergencies, I sometimes used mine even in place of my forgotten nightgown!

Where to buy it: here, here and here


Essential like a pashmina, a light down jacket with its warm but never heavy padding is almost always very useful, even for holidays to relatively hot destinations but with a certain temperature range or variable weather conditions.

I have one in blue and black and I have used it a lot in very different destinations, like Iceland and Spain both in the middle of July. It is also a fairly waterproof garment, which can be really useful sometimes.

In addition, rolled up it takes up very little space and, carefully folded, it can also be used as a pillow on a plane or on a train, for example.

Where to buy it: for example  here and here


A real must have.

My all-times favorite crossbody bag is the Gucci Disco, which I put in my suitcase filled with other small items (socks, little silk bags containing earrings and other jewelry etc..), so that it does not lose its shape.

It’s safe, comfortable and can act as an additional bag and briefcase for flights, giving an elegant touch to classic tourist outfits or helping transform your day outfit in a great look for a night out. Small crossbody bags are also usually quite lightweigh.

So what are your favorite “must-haves” for your trips and holidays? What do you always bring with you when you travel? 


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