This & That: What to Read, Watch, Hear and Buy for the End of the Year

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During this last week of the year we often find a little more time for ourselves. This allows us to read, watch films and videos or to listen to great music – in one word, to relax. 

For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to squeeze in one last edition of my usual “Miscellaneous” column (I know, I know, this column never has the same name, so it’s difficult to recognize it as such; what I mean, though, is simply the kind of blog post where I collect ideas and suggestions about what to read, watch, shop or listen to). 


One of my good propositions for 2019 (one I make every year again, in fact…) is to organize a serious digital decluttering. And this is a great, practical video from Lavendaire, one of my favorite minimalist Youtubers: 

Fascinated about the idea of creating your own capsule wardrobe? This video explains how to do it:

Are you sad or nervous, maybe because it’s not always easy to deal with family and relatives during the Christmas holidays? This video explains how to get out of a bad mood in three simple steps!

You dream of sleeping until noon every single day? Me too! But the chronic lack of “me time” often makes me wish that I could find the energy to get up early in the morning, just to have some precious moments for myself. This video explains how you can reach this goal… in theory, at least! (In Italian only, sorry)


The new fashion rules: Inthefrow

This books is all about the background of the fashion influencer “industry” and it’s written by one of them, the famous blogger and Youtuber Inthefrow. A really nice reading!

The Tyranny of the Butterfly (Frank Schätzing)

A fascinating, breathtaking novel by this world famous bestseller author.  I bought it and decided to buy it again as a gift. Twice! 


After watching a bunch of great films during some comfortable Emirates flights at the end of November, I didn’t watch much TV or Netflix. 

On one of my rare Netflix moments, though, I discovered this fun and well played french comedy (there’s only one season so far, let’s hope for more!). I really enjoyed it and recommend you to watch it! Official trailer here (in Italian):


My December shopping was almost completely dedicated to Christmas gifts. I don’t have the necessary peace of mind right now to think about my personal shopping needs or wants. 

For my Christmas gifts, I found great inspiration in my own gift lists that I wrote for this blog . You find them here:

Speaking of Christmas presents, I bought a couple of little presents for myself too. More about them in January… 

To add some variety to my Christmas holiday wardrobe, I bought myself this sparkling blouse on Asos and I’m really satisfied! 

Come vestirsi a Capodanno

ASOS Bluse: HERE . A similar one in grey HERE.


I have a great recommendation for those who love rock music: the new music album Proposed Tracks for Unproduced Movies by Fabio Scagliola. Interview and review HERE


December is one of those complicated months where you have necessarily to work with list to survive. I found the Keep app particularly helpful. You can download it for free both for Apple and Android. It was a real game changer for me! I highly recommend it.


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