This & That #24: What do Do, Watch, Read and Shop in June

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Summer is coming! Unfortunately, for me, June (and, more in general, the beginning of summer)  always coincides with a really full work schedule as I always have to close several big projects before the summer comes. Where I live, seasonality is less pronounced than in Italy, and mid-august has no particular meaning here, but nevertheless it is impossible to escape these typical “end of school” pressures, even if school is long gone for me.

So let’s move on to the list of my June favorites in different categories: here they are, my favorite films, videos, books, places and products of these last few weeks!  




A great video on how to create a minimalistic makeup collection, by two of my favorite Vloggers.

A useful video tutorial on how to apply self tanners by Hot and Flashy, one of my favorite Youtube Channels! 

 Great tips for a perfect spleep at every age!

How not to look older with fashion – I really adore this French Vlogger!  





You all know by now about my little thing about Jane Austen, don’t you? 🙂

To watch one of the BBC’s transpositions of one of her novels always has the power to calm me when I’m nervous or stressed.

There’s a whole world in those novels, often wrongly branded as “romance novels”.

This film, on the other hand, is something completely different: 


jane austen book club  


I  streamed  it for the second time a few nights ago and I really enjoied it this time too.    



Problem of the month: summer is about to begin, and I still have 1-2 kilos to lose. It would be easy if I had more time for myself, which I don’t have at the moment. Drastic diets are not for me, quite the opposite, in fact… As a result, I chose the soft way and to motivate myself by buying this new cookbook!  I really love it!





Apart from a few trips to the lake and a crazy shopping trip to Milan, this month I haven’t been around much so far… But at the beginning of July we leave for a beautiful trip, the realization of a dream that I have since I was a child! I’ll do a post in July, when I come back!  


Botswana Delta dell'Okavango    





Just arrived, tested for 4 mornings in a row and I’m already in love! <3 I’m talking about the latest product from The Ordinary I’ve tested,

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% Superficial Peeling Formulation 30 ml

  Recensione lactic acid the ordinary peeling dolce chimico


It leaves the skin super soft and very velvety, but also smooth and lifted, ready to welcome a good moisturizer and some make-up!

I notice the effect especially on my neck: the horizontal lines are much less evident since I use this product.

 Travel Beauty Bag: I’ve bought this one and I’m already filling it in view of my next trip. It’s one of the most useful and intelligent travel and holiday purchases ever!   


Braccialetti boho style per l'estate. I braccialettini più belli.


I’m on the hunt for some lovely bracelets for this summer and I’m finding some wonderful ones, to wear alone or in a bunch!

Like THESE, THESE , THESE and also THESE! Aren’t they adorable?  





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Come vestirsi a 40 e 50 anni





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The Chic Factor, my bestselling book (in Italian only) about decluttering, style and shopping, is here!


Il nuovo e bellissimo libro di stile e gestione del guardaroba per vestirsi bene con poco. Bestseller su Amazon.

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