The Best Investment Bags to Buy 2019 and Enjoy for a Long Time

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Best investment bags 2019

Which are the best investment bags to buy 2018? Lately I have received several requests from followers who asked me which are the most classic luxury models to focus on to enrich your wardrobe in the long term with a great new piece.



Because when you decide to spend a certain amount on a beautiful bag, you want to know if it’s a good “investment”, an accessory capable not only to satisfy all the practical needs that a bag, even a designer handbag, must meet, but above all to make your outfits even more elegant and to last over the years.


Chloe Faye Bag
My Chloe Faye Bag

I’ve been passionate about bags for a long time and, over the years, I’ve bought several handbags I still love. I bought some of my bags new, in a boutique, while for others I preferred to opt for a high quality vintage piece.



My Céline Mini Luggage, bought on Vestiaire Collective 8 years ago




To acquire its “It bag” status, a bag usually has to be characterized by a certain mix of elements: it must be immediately recognizable, but in a subtle and never packy way, it must be versatile but elegant and not too easily accessible. In addition, it must have a modern, but also classic and clean design.


So I tried to draw up a decalogue of what I believe to be, in 2018, the absolutely best handbags to buy, the classic pieces to focus on when you decide to invest in a new handbag.


1 – CHANEL 2.55

What to say? It’s the classic of the classics and no, it doesn’t age you, you just have to combine it well. I own it and I absolutely recommend the Jumbo version in Caviar leather. You’ll use it a lot.






For some years now the Damier version is the most wanted one, but whatever version you choose, this bag will remain a classic. Equipped with a shoulder strap, it will soon become your favorite bag on the go.

For a complete review click here.





Like the previous bags, this bag has been on the market for some years now and it remains a great bag, suitable for a full and dynamic life. Every year it is presented in new colors and leathers.

For  very good vintage (and sometimes even new) items, click here.




Definitely the new entry among the best classic bags, the Dior Saddle Bag was already in vogue a few years ago, then it temporarily disappeared from the scene and made a great return last spring. And it seems here to stay, judging by the many bloggers and socialites who show it off right now!

To find  very good vintage(and sometimes even new) items, click here.


I’ve always liked this bag and every now and then I think about buying one. In black, of course. It’s a fantastic bag that gives any outfit grit and personality. For this reason, it is perfect for any woman over 40, but also for the very young ones. Its most beautiful version – black and shiny – is also scratch-resistant.

To find  very good vintage (and sometimes even new) items, click here.

You can also buy it new HERE.


In recent years, in my opinion, it has become difficult to identify the real classic pieces from this brand – the best Gucci bags to invest in. Gucci’s new style strategy has in fact produced a multiplication of models that tend to have an increasingly shorter life.

There is one item, however, that has been around for years and does not seem destined to leave the scenes: the Gucci Dionysus, with its characteristic and unmistakable lines, is here to stay.

For a complete review and some inspiration, click here.

To find  very good vintage (and sometimes even new) items, see here.

Buy it new HERE.


I include this model of Céline ex aequo in my list of the best classic investment bags because I find there are other it bags from this brand destined to last over time (such as the Mini Luggage or the Classic). In any case, buying a Céline bag is always a good idea if you want a luxurious product capable of withstanding in time without going out of fashion.

To find  very good vintage (and sometimes new) items, see here.


It’s a bag that I personally never wanted to buy, nor will I ever buy, because I think its price is really exorbitant, but above all, because it’s a bag that, in the end, is too classic for my style; moreover, recent experiences with this brand and having had the possibility to see a little behind the scenes of the arrogance that sometimes accompanies this brand (with some laudable exceptions, however) made me lose any faith in this brand.

Having said that, it’s still a great classic and one of the bag dreams of many women, so it deserves a place on this list by right!

Where to find very good vintage items (and avoid the annoying (and often fake) waiting list): here.


Another great classic from Chanel, which I bought myself a few years ago and which I used a lot. Definitely younger and more gritty than the 2.55, it’s quite capacious thanks to its boxy shape and I never regretted taking it!

For a complete review and some inspiration, see here.

To find  very good used (and sometimes even new) items, click here.


A true emblem of french chic, this bag is very resistant to the passing of time and highly appreciated even beyond national borders, for example by many Hollywood stars. It exists in many different materials and colours. A must have!

Buy it here.


Actually, among the best women’s handbags to buy under the title of great classics, there is more than one from Chloé, but I chose the Faye because it is the one that, personally, I find the most beautiful and characteristic. Other classic models are the Drew and the Marcie bag.

For a full review and some inspiration: here.

To find  very good used (and sometimes even new) items, click here.

Buy it HERE with 15% off. Or HERE.


Vegan bag designed by designer Stella McCartney, this great classic in vegan leather never fails to impress and amaze: I had it since many years and I love it, it’s comfortable and decorative and is also one of the bags that most often arouses interest (and requests about where to buy one!) when I go around.

For a full review and some inspiration, click here.

To find  very good vintage (and sometimes even new) items, click here.


Another fantastic and practical city bag, another great classic that deserves a special place in the list of the best women’s bags to buy 2018! I have had it, or rather I have had three of them, in different colours, over the years. Fantastic to upgrade any outfit, it performs at its best in black or, for some contrast, in a vibrant color.

To find  very good vintage (and sometimes even new) items, see here.


This is one of the most recent classic bags, very popular especially in some cities such as Milan, but in a few years it has managed to deserve a place in the ranking of the best luxury handbags to invest in. This bag is definitely not suitable for college, though. 😉

To find  very good vintage (and sometimes new) items, click here.

And which are your favorite bags? In which would you invest, and why?

Express your opinion about the best luxury handbags to buy 2018, here or on my discussion group on Facebook!

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