Sunday glider flight in Italy


To have a little fun and celebrate the gorgeous, unusually warm day for January I decided to accompany my husband on a short glider flight. He has been a glider pilot for over 30 years now and I fly quite rarely with him, but every time I decide to go with him it’s a wonderful experience.


Follow me on this beautiful short flight!

Today was a spectacular day: a warm foehn wind blowing, a lot of sun and unusually warm 14 degrees Celsius. Thus, ideal conditions for a short winter flight.

So by mid-morning we took off from the airport of Calcinate del Pesce near Varese, Italy, and I had the occasion to take these beautiful pictures!

My husband preparing his glider


Flying in a glider is an extremely fascinating experience: you have the possibility to admire the world from the sky, but to remain quite close to everything, so that you don’t miss any landscape details. Today, the air was so clear that you could admire the Lakes Varese and Maggiore, the snowy Monte Rosa mountain massif and even the Appennines more far away; even Milan was clearly visible at the horizon and you could even spot the skyscrapers of the city stand up in the mist.

But maybe it’s better if I leave the pictures tell you what I saw during this short but beautiful flight!


Ready to take off
Me, ready to take off!






Lake Maggiore, Italy

Mountains near Varese, Italy
Mountains near Varese, Italy




Lake Maggiore and the Monte Rosa massif
Lake Maggiore and the Monte Rosa massif


Lake Varese and the Monte Rosa massif
Lake Varese and the Monte Rosa massif



Wild swans in Italy
Wild swans on the grass



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