Summer outfit: jeans, a red top and a touch of leopard print

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outfit estivo per la sera con rosso e leopardato


I don’t really like to use a lot of colors in my clothing, as you already may have noticed. But when I decide to wear some color, I tend to focus on strong, bright shades: soft colors attract me far less. Unfortunately, this year I have reached the beginning of the summer season with a really pale skin and this factor does not make me particularly fond of risking to wear too lively outfit combinations. I thought, however, that a hint of color, given by this red top – a color that I find quite classic and that sometimes I use even in the middle of the winter – could be nice for a fun evening out with friends.  



My dark was jeans and red a red top, however, still seemed a little dark to me, worn on their own. So I decided to “overdo” it a little (at least for my standards 😉 ) in terms of strong outfit combinations and I paired my outfit with this leopard print clutch by Claire Vivier. I like it for the very “sharp” print with its well defined colors that I prefer to the more nuanced leopard prints.

I find them more decorative with a solid color, less aggressive and more photogenic too. I also like the contrast it creates with my red one-shoulder top.  



top monospalla rosso e borsa leopardata



Jeans, H&M, old, similar HERE and HERE

Top, Asos, old, identical HERE (don’t worry if it’s the “Tall” version, I bought the same one and it fits perfectly, even if I’m certainly not tall!) and a similar one HERE

Clutch, Claire Vivier, similar HERE AND HERE

Red necklace, H&M and very old, and identical one HERE

Sandals, Michael Kors, old, similar HERE and  HERE

Earrings, gift, similar HERE and HERE    


rosso e leopardato



  outfit estivo per la sera con rosso e leopardato


  outfit estivo per la sera con rosso e leopardato




What about you? What are your favorite looks when the summer finally arrives? And what are the first colors you choose to wear after a long winter season?




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