Summer Fashion: How to Refersh your Outfits with Etsy

Fashion comes and goes, but there is a category which is always worth an investment, because it’s not only satisfactory, but it will be very useful for the coming seasons, too: accessories.

Not only we will wear them with joy next summer, but some of these pieces will also enhance our autumn looks, adding an unusual touch to our favorite cashmere sweater, perhaps, or creating a bright effect if paired with a simple buttondown shirt and a pair of jeans.


Handmade boho tassel bracelets 

In my search for unusual, chic and fun pieces in the online shopping jungle, a few years ago I came across a very beautiful site: Etsy.

Etsy is the practical and easy answer to the myriad of globalized online shopping sites that offer the same choice anywhere in the world.

Etsy is in fact a marketplace dedicated to the most original, often handmade products. It’s as easy to shop there as on any other online shopping site, not least thanks to the Etsy app, available for Android and iOS.

The variety of items sold on Etsy is literally endless: it ranges from clothing to jewelry and accessories. The same applies to the prices, which are generally very affordable and vary according to the type of purchase that you would like to make.

Buying from Etsy is very simple: once you find the item you want, you just have contact the seller and buy it online as usual.

The vast majority of sellers ship to Italy. Each package is rigorously hand-made like its contents – and often the packaging is simply as delicious as the item itself, as I’ve discovered over the years!


The packaging is always lovely and often personalized… 

Etsy is a sort of human fantasy heaven, where you can find literally everything. Just try it out: type in the name of any object and see what comes out!

Etsy is absolutely safe with regard to both payments and contacts with sellers and shipments.

Another aspect I love about Etsy is that many of the items, being handmade, are customizable (such as this lovely monogram straw bag):

But be aware: Etsy is addictive!!

I know this very well, becaus I always have a long wishlist on Etsy. I often take a “power pause” before I buy, so that I can really buy what I love and use.

For all of these reasons, I wanted to show you some of the ideas that are actually save on my Etsy wishlist:

These custmizable necklaces with your initials (or those of your fiancé or your kids, for example)

Or this one:

Or this great trendy bamboo bag:

Of course (since I’m addicted) my wishlist contains a lot of earrings too:



Handmade espadrilles in white and navy:

Customized bracelet:

Altre espadrilles:

Beach coverup:


And not to forget some of my favorite bags:

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