Shoe Trends for Fall Winter 2019 2020: What to Buy Now

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shoe trends 2019 2020


An activity that can really sweeten our return from summer holidays, year after year, is to start our first in-depth research 😉 on the following long-standing questions: what will autumn-winter fashion be like? And, above all, what will the shoe trends for fall winter 2019 2020 be?



Because one of the sweetest things of every new season, let’s admit it, is the ritual window shopping to admire the new and beautiful shoe trends for autumn-winter!

And it is even more true in the case of shoes that will be in fashion for fall winter 2019 2020. Because, girls, I’ve been looking into it VERY seriously 😉 , between a job to be finished and a project to be delivered, and I can tell you that this time the possibilities are really endless!

In fact, there will be no need to choose between the hottest shoe trends for fall winter 2019 2020, because there is really everything: ugly boots, delicate kitten heels with golden decorations, cowboy boots and heavy sneakers, and then again the trends that we already adopted and loved last fall and winter, such as slouch boots, over-the-knee boots and sock boots!

In short, why even decide in favor of one or the other trend? After all, this year not even the designers do it!

But since I really have to hurry up to finish some business related projects, let’s get straight to the point:


Which will be the hottest shoe trends for 2019 2020?





Designers don’t have any doubt: these boots will be a favorite among this year’s winter shoes. The high boot leg is the classic among the shapes of boots and looks great on most women. It goes beyond the calf, but not over the knee. And in the slouchy version, it adapts particularly well to the new midi lengths, which will also be very popular in the coming seasons for skirts and dresses.


latest shoe trends for 2019

Picture: via Pinterest


Where to buy them: HERE





In vogue for a couple of seasons, they’re back again this year. To the great joy of many women, because they look great on many!


latest shoe trends women

Picture: via Pinterest


Where to buy them: HERE  or in a low-cost version HERE. Great choice also HERE.



Another trend already seen in 2018 2019 concerns sock boots. Still in fashion this year, also because they match very well with some fashion trends for fall/winter 2019 2020 in clothing, such as midi and maxi dresses, culottes & Co.


new shoe trends 2019

Picture: SARAVONH via Pinterest


Where to buy them: HERE





Cowboy boots are experiencing a great comeback this season… They have never really disappeared from the fashion scene, but this year they make a really big comeback. Are you looking for a new pair? They’re already everywhere! For example HERE.


hot shoe trends 2019

Picture: via Pinterest


Where to buy them: HERE





This sounds really incredible, doesn’t it? We had just got rid of ankle boots with a platform a few years ago, and here they come, the ankle boots with the big platform soles! They’re a bit of a pair with the chunky sneakers we have seen last summer, I find. Which, however, remain one of the strongest shoe fashion trends for 2019 2020!


hottest shoe trends 2019

Picture: EmStreetStyle via Pinterest




Even this year, pumps are going nowhere! They will even be more wearable than usual: the trendiest version, in fact, will be the kitten heels with low heels. We will also see a lot of decorations and patterns: everything and more will be in fashion: bows, animal prints, but also metallic effects, graphic decorations and logos are everywhere.


shoe trends fall winter 2019

Kitten Heels. Picture: via Pinterest


Where to buy them: for example HERE



P.S. : Do you want to be particularly trendy? Try square toe pumps , with the square tip. They’ll be the latest in fashion shoes for 2019 2020. 


scarpe di moda 2019 2020 square toe





Sneakers are setting trends. The sneakers that are in fashion in 2019 include many new brands and models – as well as old and well known brands that have accompanied the childhood of many of us and that are now back in vogue, not even so much changed, like Nike or Adidas.

For the bravest between us, the shoe fashion trends for 2019 2020 shoes still include the chunky sneakers we’ve seen all summer long. For all the others, it seems that one of the objects of the moment are the dear old Nike sneakers, preferably in bright colors, with a rainbow design or animal print elements.



chunky sneaker outfit - come abbinare le sneakers

Pictures: Modaaz via Pinterest


For a post all dedicated to the best sneaker outfits, read this post !

Where to buy the new sneakers: HERE, HERE and HERE .



The color palette of the NEW fashion shoes for autumn-winter 2019 is also wide. Natural shades such as beige and brown as well as hazelnut are in fashion, but also a warm yellow and all shades of burgundy, especially for boots and ankle boots.

In addition, there are already many models on the shelves in strong shades. They range from fuchsia to bright red and emerald green tones, which are practical for all those who want to wear a monochromatic look.

The prints are also varied – on autumn and winter shoes you will find check, animal prints and even flowers. Prints, including zebra print, leopard print and python print, will prevail especially for boots and ankle boots.






What about you? Do you still have any gaps in your fall and winter wardrobe? Or have you already found the right pieces to complete your fall and winter outfits?




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