Respectissime La Roche Posay Review: Best Eye Makeup Remover

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Today I would like to review another essential product for me, the one that for me is the best make-up remover for sensitive eyes ever: the biphasic make-up remover for sensitive eyes Respectissime by La Roche Posay

I don’t know if I’ve ever confided it to you, but I have very sensitive eyes: basic, they always tear, and the thing is even slightly worsening over time. They tear if the sun is shining, or the wind is blowing, if I’m at the beach or if it’s cold; they even tear (it’s ridiculous, I know) if I hear someone talking about eyes, brushing in the eye, eye surgery!

Once I have found that nothing is wrong, I have learned to live with this little problem. And, over the years, I have also learned to carefully select the products I use to make them up, but also to remove makeup and clean them up!

And that’s how, after years of trial and error, I found Respectissime by La Roche Posay. For me, the best biphasic makeup remover for very sensitive eyes ever!


Respectissime La Roche Posay

But let’s see what the package insert of Respectissime by La Roche Posay  says:

Gentle waterproof eye makeup remover. Bi-phase formula that instantly and effectively removes face and eye makeup without rubbing or irritating sensitive eyes. Fragrance-free, Paraben-free, Ophthalmologist tested.
Respectissime La Roche Posay

I use it every night, as follows: after having cleaned the rest of my face, I shake the bottle well  (it is a bi-phasic make-up remover – generally the best solution for very sensitive eyes – and the two phases, the oily one and the other more cleansing one, must clearly mix together) and then I gently imbibe a pad of cotton wool with the product. I gently press it on each eyelid for a few seconds, so that the makeup is removed without rubbing. At that point, by gently passing the disk I remove all the makeup.



To completely eliminate the slightly oily residue (maybe it’s my thing, but there always remains a very light “veil”: with other products it’s much worse, in this case it’s only a very light effect). At this point, with a second cotton wool disk (or the second half of the first one) soaked inmicellar water for dehydrated and sensitive skins by Hydrabio (another must-have essential that I recommend, it’s fabulous and absolutely inexpensive!) I do a second pass, which leaves my eyes perfectly clean and fresh, but also ready to receive subsequent treatments (in my case, only this serum of The Ordinary).

respectissime la roche posay recensione



The reasons why I have been using Respectissime eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes for years are as follows:


  • it’s the first product to give me no problem of irritation, even in the case of waterproof makeup that is a bit ‘heavy
  • total absence of parabens and perfumes, but also of other irritants
  • the effectiveness in thoroughly removing all traces of make-up, even waterproof
  • a big bottle that always lasts for me forever
  • the excellent value for money of this product


Where to buy Respectissime di La Roche Posay?

You can certainly find it in a lot of pharmacies and drugstores. However, for many years I have preferred to buy these products online, from retailers who, thanks to the high volumes of sales, always ensure fresh products.

For example HERE.



In short, La Roche Posay’s Respectissime biphasic make-up remover is a real lifesaver for anyone with sensitive eyes who wants to remove makeup every day in a soft and gentle way!



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