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What to wear to a museum event in the city in a winter afternoon, among modern art, large, white and half-empty spaces and lots of people?

I chose a slightly minimal urban style and two typical winter colors, grey and black. Which, for me, are not necessarily a sign of sadness and gloomy atmospheres, on the contrary.

The important thing, as color theory teaches us, is to choose colors suitable for our personal colors, for our complexion, but also for the color of our hair and of our eyes.  




A few years ago, for example, I discovered that the black-white (or white-grey) melange fabrics really illuminate “deep autumn” women like me, chromatically speaking.

Moreover, when I have to decide what to wear to a museum or how to dress for an exhibition, vernissages and museums I often prefer dark and neutral shades also for another reason: I like to avoid “interfering” with the general environment and the artworks on display – the real protagonists of the show.

And I find a very sleek, simple, minimalistic look to be suitable for this purpose.

While I was there, I went through my wardrobe and found several garments and accessories perfect for urban chic style and occasions of this kind.

And with the help of the strategies of my style and wardrobe management course, I created a sort of “capsule wardrobe” suitable for many occasions of this kind.  


come vestirsi per una mostra

One of the many looks that I created with what I already have in my closet thanks to the strategies in my course…






Black coat, Mango, old, simiar HERE

Dress, Halston Heritage, old, similar HERE

Pantyhose, ASOS, HERE

Boots, Vic Matié, super old, similar HERE and HERE

Handbag, Falabella by Stella Mc Cartney, HERE or buy it pre-loved here (15% discount on your first purchase with my personal discount code, NOTIMEFORSTYLE20)

Complete review of the beautiful Falabella bag: HERE

Earrings, Sodini, old, similar HERE



come vestirsi per una mostra   come vestirsi per una mostra    





What about you? What are your favorite winter neutrals and why?  



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vestirsi bene con poco




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