Outfit of The Day: Polka Dot Dress, Over-The-Knee Boots and Black Accessories

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Wrap Dress


In November my search for new dresses to be easily incorporated into my wardrobe continued.

And as I told you long ago, I have always been more of a jeans kind of girl, but in recent years I started to appreciate more and more the undoubted advantages offered by dresses:

  • you can create a full outfit with just one garment: no need to think about how to pair it (just accessoriate it!)
  • if you avoid very tight models,they are really comfortable all day
  • they are feminine



Over-the-knee boots


For all these reasons, during the last few months I have been seriously on the hunt for new dresses and a few weeks ago I found this one from Asos.

I liked it for its soft and feminine shape and for the neckline.

In my wardrobe I have mainly sheath dresses and tighter models, so I thought it would be a nice option, also to match my new over-the-knee boots by Bruno Premi you can see in the picture.


Polka Dot Dress


What I’m wearing:

Over-the-knee boots, Bruno Premi, here or here in a Dark blue Version.

I have exactly this model and they are fabulous! First of all for the quality of materials: real suede in the front and elasticated fabric on the back, which prevent the boot from slipping down, as It happens inexorably with boots made of faux suede.

Dress, ASOS. Unfortunately My exact model is sold out. This is a lovely Maternity version of the same dress. This one is very similar and I have in my dreambox, along with this one which is virtually identical in it’s shape to the one I bought.

Hoop earrings, ASOS, here

Handbag, Chanel Boy

Chanel Boy Bag
Flowy Dress paired with over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee Boots




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