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My birthday is in a couple of days.

It’s an event I live every time with a mix of feelings that range from lightheartedness to awareness of the time that flies more quickly as you get older.

The only birthday that really felt different so far was my 50th, almost two years ago. It seemed to me like a sort of turning point, after which nothing would be like before any more.

But then that same week several things happened: my eldest son, who at the time was absolving his military service away from home, had emergency surgery for appendicitis; I fell into a sort of age-induced depression and had some sort of “end of the world” feelings for several days; and then my husband and our friends arranged a surprise party with many guests and, only a few hours later, I went on a surprise trip to South Africa.


In short, life took its course, brought (mainly) some good things and some bad things with its many commitments, duties, but also with its many pleasures and fortunes, for which I’m thankful every day.

And then you suddenly realize that all ages are beautiful, it only depends on how you live them, and it’s not just a cliché.

But leaving aside any petty philosophy, let’s get back on more… epicurean things. Every year since I know how to write I’ve written a wish list for my birthday, and every year I will use it for Christmas too.

I thought I’d share it because I always have a lot of fun reading other people’s wish lists. And, quite often, I get so many new ideas for gifts when it’s my turn to buy them for others!

So I hope you’ll have fun reading mine too. And, if you feel like it, please share your own wish list!

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 Please Return to Tiffany heart bracelet


Tiffany Bracelet


Small wallet by Louis Vuitton (Victorine)


Vuitton Victorine


Chanel Coco Noir perfume


Chanel Coco Noir


… and other products of the same perfume line (body cream, deodorant etc.)


Book: “The new Fahion Rules”


Style Book


Book: “Chanel – Collections and Creations”


Chanel Book


Simple hoop earrings in gold, at least 6 cm big


Pixi Glow Tonic


Skin treatments at Portofino’s (a day spa in my town: for example Caviar Treatment etc.)


SPA packages with massages




Estée Lauder Beauty of the Night set


Estée Lauder: creme antiage


Estée Lauder Revitalise and Glow Essentials Set

Set Revitalift Estée Lauder


MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Natural Flirt

Ombretto MAC per donne autunno intenso


Scarf, ASOS

Sciarpa a quadri


Purple Scarf, ASOS (purple is my favorite color!)


Sciarpa viola ASOS


Earrings by Satellite Paris, the 6.5 cm version, in Multicolor


Orecchini Creoli
Photo: Pinterest




If you want, tell me what’s on your wishlist! I’me quite sure you have one for Christmas! 😉 


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