Miscellaneous: What to See, Watch and Eat and Where to Go in December

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December inspiration: what to eat, watch, read and where to go in December


As you probably already know, recently I made a short trip to the Maldives to detach a little from these last stressful, albeit positive months.

Therefore I have neglected my usual “This & That” posts where I usually offer a variety of different suggestions and inspiration and I would like to remedy a little with this post.

In fact, my mind is full of new ideas for all the blog posts that I would like to write in December, even though unfortunately I have relatively little time because of work commitments and many other things going on in my life. Not to mention that I haven’t even bought a single Christmas gift so far.

Anyway, I will try to write some possibly useful and compelling posts before the holidays, leaving other  topics that in my opinion are interesting too for the end of the year and for January, hoping to find some free time to dedicate to my blog.

But let’s come to the point, that is my new suggestions and inspiration for this early December…



I received this lovely book as a birthday present. It’s written by one of the most renowned fashion Vloggers. It’s very nice, quite informative and interesting for those who want to understand a little better what is going on in the world of fashion influencers.

Libro “The new Fahion Rules”


Style Book



Having to fly for 13 hours each way when I went to the Maldives I got to see so many new movies (I love flying with Emirates mainly because of the rich on-board entertainment program and the wide choice of new and interesting movies!).

Among these, I particularly appreciated these:

Overboard: a fun, slightly cynical comedy movie which makes fun of clichés and commonplaces. Fun and positive, it made me laugh a lot. Official Trailer here.

Woman Walks Ahead: The movie tells the story of a painter who travels to the Wild West to portray Sitting Bull. I liked it especially for the really beautiful scenography. Trailer here.





At the risk of being repetitive, my place of the month is the islet of Filitheyo, in the Faafu Atoll, in the Republic of Maldives. What’s not to love about Filitheyo? It’s the magnificence of the sea in its perfection and a paradise for those who, like me, love marine life. Here you can find a More detailed travel diary.




November 23rd was my birthday and I received several really beautiful gifts, so my shopping spree was pretty modest.

Apart from these beautiful Black Boots Overknees by Bruno Premi  –  finally I found the ideal model that fits perfectly and does not slip down and makes a nice leg! – I didn’t buy anything else, I guess.


stivali neri cuissardes


And speaking of birthday gifts, I have yet to write an unboxing + review post! I think it’s worth to write a review since it’s a beautiful fashion item that it’s trending right now, but also a really great classic staple to buy.



Beauty Advent Calendar
Opening of box n. 1
Lookfantastic Beauty Advent Calendar
What I found in my beauty advent calendar on Day 1 and 2…


Contouring palette
Day 1: contouring palette

As I mentioned last month, after years of active resistance this year I ended up buying the beauty Advent calendar from Lookfantastic. I’m back from my Maldives trip only since a couple of days, so I was allowed to open the first two windows at the same time. And here’s the surprise!

  • Filorga Micellar Water (the bottle is definitely big enough for a week’s vacation)
  • Multi-purpose Contouring Palette For contouring or to use as an eyeshadow and/or blush: it’s a big palette with beautiful colors inside, altghough I don’t know the brand yet.




While I was on vacation I got to eat a lot of Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian specialties in general. One of these, which I always liked and that I often take when I eat at an Indian restaurant, is Dal (or Dhal), a spicy lentil stew, so delicious that it makes you forget that it’s also a very healthy and nourishing, low fat dish.



So I decided to learn to cook it at home as well. And I found This recipe, which seems pretty straightforward to accomplish.



A beautiful travel diary about Istanbul by one of my favorite Youtuber, Cocobeautea. Interesting and, as usual, very stylish!

I am not so passionate about Royalties gossip, but I know that many like it: here you find a video dedicated to the “new life” of Meghan Markle.

Do you dream of a minimalistic, clutter-free Christmas? Watch this video by A Small Wardrobe – a tiny bit drastic at times, perhaps, but definitely inspiring!



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