Minimalist suggestions for a simple and calm Christmas

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Today I have a great surprise for all of you!

During these particularly busy days I’ve often dreamed of a more quiet and relaxed life and it happened to me quite often to think how great it would be if only I could live this Holiday season in a simple, happy and somehow minimalist way.


Well, I’m starting to believe that the Law of Attraction really works! While I was thinking about all this, I received a message from Silvia Petiti, architect, minimalism and decluttering expert and blogger at

Silvia offered me to write a guest post with suggestions on how to live this Christmas in simplicity and with a peaceful mind.

And who better than her could write such a post? Silvia regularly organizes workshops on decluttering and organization topics and offers consultations on these aspects, in person and on Skype as well.

Therefore, in this guest post you can  find the best advice from a real expert. 

My specialty has always been simplifying and streamlining. To help rediscover and love your own home, using decluttering techniques as an instrument to gain consciousness.

But during this time of the year it’s also important to bring light, warmth and care in our homes. To eliminate complications, but also unnecessary expenses and actions.

To add calm, gratitude, and the joy to spend time with your family and friends (and also some time alone) instead. 

We all know that the month of December can be stressful. Therefore I’ve elaborated a series of minimalist actions you can take that will help you to prepare in just a few steps your home for Christmas and to live the Holiday season with joy. 

I’ve organised my suggestions around the number 3.

3 actions to take in 3 different rooms of your house: eliminate what’s unnecessary, organize the useful things, and add the beautiful ones. 


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In your entrance:
: shoes, bags, jackets that are useless or out-of-season ;
Organize: the space for your guests’ handbags and jackets. If you ask them to  take off their shoes, prepare some comfy slippers for them;
Add: a great fragrance for your home that welcomes you, your family and your guests. 

In your living room:
: decorations that are out-of-season. Leave some space for Christmas decorations, so that they can be admired by everyone;
Organize: a Christmas playlist, a soft soundtrack that will follow you through your days;
Add: Christmas decorations. Is there a way to enrich your living room using only few, precious elements? A beautiful vase with an eucalyptus branch maybe, or a star and a simple, suggestive candle holder maybe… Things that you’ll appreciate even more if they are not suffocated by other stuff and have the space to breath and shine. 

In your kitchen:
: ruined, odd, unusable things from your cupboards (boxes without a top, silverware, cups, and glasses that are in bad conditions).  Expired food in your pantry;
Organize: some easy recipes for lunch and dinner during the most stressful days, some “festive”, but still simple dishes to welcome unexpected guests;
Add: what you eliminated from your cupboards, but still need. If you have never used it before, don’t buy it again: simply enjoy the free space you’ve gained on your shelves. 


Photo by Annie Pratt on Unsplash

Finally, 3 more suggestions just for you:

  • Open your wardrobe and identify your personal “Christmas uniform”: something nice and appropriated you can reuse changing only some options to simplify your most stressful days;
  • Keep some habits unchanged, every day during the Holidays: things that make you feel good: a good sleep, sport, healthy food. Don’t start the new year feeling like a wrack!
  • Eliminate your guilt feelings: you don’t have to do it ALL! Choose those events and people that are really important for you. And remember the most important thing: take 10 minutes every day to stay alone with yourself. In peace.  

Merry Christmas,

Finally, some words about the author of this beautiful article that I will certainly read several times during the next days:

Silvia Petiti, architect.
I simplify your home to simplify your life. 
I help you streamline and organize your home so that you can deal with your daily commitments in the best possible way and still have the time and the space to dedicate to the things that are the most important for you. 
On my website I offer personalized consultations, in person or on Skype, as well as monthly decluttering workshops. On my blog I write about decluttering and minimalism since 2015.
Website: Fb:



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