Merry Christmas!

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Tomorrow is December 25 and I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas!

I hope you will enjoy a couple of peaceful and relaxing days with the people you love most, be they relatives or very good friends. What matters most, is that you have the opportunity to detach for a while from all those activities, worries and virtual or real distractions that very often contribute to make our brain run like a hamster on it’s spinning wheel.

It’s the same hope I have for myself – I really feel the need to disconnect from everything for a couple of days. 

But I would also like to thank you for having kept me company during this first full year of blogging. 

I have received continuous inputs, new ideas and feedback from you that have encouraged me to write on my blog week after week. 

This year, many thing happened that are somehow related to this blog: the number of my readers grew from about 6000 to over 45’000, which makes me so happy! 

I also published a book (only in Italian so far), The Chic Factor, that is a sort of natural extension of this blog and even managed to enter the Amazon bestsellers page in the “Fashion & Design” section. Some of you offered me an incredible support, wrote great reviews of my book and gave me a wonderful, encouraging feedback. Thank you!

In these last few months I’ve also been contacted by some companies and brands that asked me to collaborate with them. I never would have thought this possible! I declined some offers because they weren’t in line with my blog and the interest of my readers.

But I also decided to accept a couple of them; certainly not because of the money (I already have a great job, thank you!), but because I saw them as a stimulating opportunity to boost my creativity; and also because they gave me new ideas to write about new topics and gave me the opportunity to test new products for my readers.  

As you can read on my “Collaboration” page, when I collaborate with brands transparency and integrity are always very important for me; I would never recommend anything I’m not convinced about and that I wouldn’t use myself.

Now all that’s left is to wish you a really

wonderful and magic Christmas! 

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