How To Style a Red Handbag: Black and Camel

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how to style a red handbag


How to style a red handbag? As I write in my book, The Chic Factor, and in my Style and Wardrobe Management course (see below), it is important to learn how to make the most of the most beautiful and quality clothing and accessories in our wardrobe.

This allows us to get the most out of our wardrobe and to make the most of our finest and most beautiful pieces. And it also requires a little creative effort that, in turn, leads to new ideas and outfits.



Otherwise, the risk is to focus only on 2 or 3 combinations for a single garment or accessory and always use those.

And this, inevitably, leads us to always want to buy something new, in the hope of creating that variety of looks that, in reality, we already have inside our closets.

But back to the initial question, how to combine a red bag to create new outfits. And, more specifically, this Gucci GG Marmont Small, which I gave to myself a few weeks ago and which is definitely one of the “highlights” of my autumn-winter shopping.


Gucci Marmont Small

My Gucci GG Marmont Small in red


Obviously, when I took it I already had in mind some ways to match a red bag:



Then, from there, adopting the strategies explained in the Practical Course in Style and Wardrobe Management, I started to play a little.

One of the many outfits I’m creating these days to style my red bag in many ways is the one you see in these photos.

I chose camel as the outline color, a color I love a lot this season, and a lot of black, with the gold details of the jewelry and hardware of my Gucci GG Marmont red.

To break the effect of the color blocks, I added a scarf in a “leopard” pattern (in this post you find a lot more inspiration on how to style leopard print in your outfits. It’s in italian, but there are also a lot of pictures).


borsa gucci marmont




Camel coat. Mine is pretty old, but you can find a wide choice of beautiful, high quality camel coats here  (all by brands such as Max Mara, Marella etc., only without the tags)

Skinny jeans in faux leather, HERE and in real leather  HERE

Gucci GG Marmont bag in red, new HERE or, for a wide choice of authentic, well cared vintage bags, see HERE

Scarf, by Malene Birger, old, similar HERE, HERE and  HERE

Red earrings, gifted, very similar HERE




how to style a red handbag



cappotto cammello donna


How to style a red handbag? I like to recall the color of this red Gucci GG Marmont with a small detail always red. In this case, a pair of chandelier earrings like THESE.


gucci marmont



how to style a red handbag


how to style a red handbag




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decluttering and wardrobe management workbook




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