How to style a red bag: first outfits

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Borsa rossa abbinamenti


How to style a red bag? For me, this question has not always been an easy one to answer. I love red, more than most other colors, and I think it’s as classic as neutral shades. Also, I’ve always thought that one of the easiest, cute and chic ways to integrate red into our outfits was to wear a red bag.



Nevertheless, the problem of how to style my red bag in the past has created some difficulties for me. I have owned a couple of red handbags in the past, I did everything I could to wear them more often, and then I gave up, selling them both times.

For this reason, this time I thought about it very well (as my friends of our blog Facebook group, who I’ve been bothering about for weeks, know very well!). In the end, my choice fell on the Gucci Marmont Small GG, which I have already reviewed HERE.

What you see in these photos is the first, very simple outfit I decided to create with my new red bag. I deliberately created a very simple base, with a lot of black and something white to illuminate, so that the bag, although small, stood out well.

As a second hint of red, I chose a pair of red chandelier earrings.



Coat/long blazer in black, Mango, old, similar HERE and  HERE

White blouse, old, similar HERE and HERE

Ankle boots, HERE

Jeans, Mango, HERE or similar HERE

Red earrings, I received them as a gift, similar HERE




Gucci Marmont small GG outfit



In general, a red bag goes well with the following:

  • with a total black look or, as I did, with a black and white outfit (also with the two colors combined in various patterns)
  • in summer, on a total white look or, in winter, on a look made entirely in winter white
  • on an outfit in the following colors: navy blue, white, ivory, beige, camel
  • for more unusual combinations, even with a beautiful, bold amethyst violet or with fuchsia
  • with patterns of various kinds that contain the color red
  • on neutral tones, with a small “hint” of red: a pair of earrings, as in these photos, a belt, a fancy scarf that contains the color red, a floral blouse with red details
  • with a red lipstick in the same shade as the bag, if you use it and it looks good on you
  • Shoes: it is not necessary to match your red bag with red shoes, quite the contrary in fact! A pair of sandals or red pumps may look good on a total black outfit, for example, but in many other cases it is better not to match your shoes with your red bag: black shoes are fine if you wear a monochrome look, but also a pair of white sneakers for daytime and sporty looks. Very elegant is also the combination with black sandals/pumps or, for outfits in light colors, the range that goes from nude beige to camel (most beige tones look great with a red bag: simply look at a Burberry check and you will immediately know which are the right shades!)

In any case, for a lot of visual inspiration on how to match, in general, the red, also have a look at this post.


Gucci Marmont rossa come abbinarla



Gucci Marmont abbinamento



Gucci Marmont Small GG rossa





Moda autunno inverno 2019 2020



Gucci Marmont rossa outfit


Gucci Marmont rossa outfit



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