How to layer clothes for winter

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How to layer clothes for winter: how to dress in layers for winter without sacrificing your style. Best fashion tipps for women over 40.

For many of us, dressing in layers for winter is a necessity: during the same day, in fact, it happens to be continuously exposed to the most different temperatures. On the coldest days, they can range from a few degrees below zero to peaks of 24 or 25 degrees.



Here where I live, for example, the houses and offices are extremely well insulated and properly heated; usually, therefore, the sweater risks being already too much. On the other hand, when you go out, the warm layers are really useful to keep us warm and prevent any seasonal illnesses!

I had already written a whole post about how to dress in layers HERE (German/Italian only).

The post, of course, contains some general rules that are always valid, which must then be adapted of course to the season and the weather conditions of the moment.


vestirsi a strati in inverno


From “armed” for the cold temperatures to light and quite low-cut, passing through layers of cashmere and down…


vestirsi a strati in inverno



In general, over the years I’ve learned some things about dressing in layers in winter without looking like the classic Michelin man:

  • Start as always from the thinnest and tightest layers to wear the bulkiest ones last
  • Make full use of the power of thermal underwear, which will be useful to you in the city as well as in the mountains. In fact, it doesn’t add practically any volume, but it keeps you warm!

For a selection of modern and elegant thermal garments, check HERE.

Cashmere stockings are also fabulous, as well as beautiful to wear with dresses. My favorites are these.

Even a coat can offer the same comfort and an “allure” that is even slightly more elegant than the down jacket. BUT: you have to choose absolutely quality pieces and avoid low-cost coats, because the difference in terms of warmth is felt indeed!

For me, Intrend offers the best quality/price ratio (in simple terms, high quality coats, excellent materials and warm at prices just above those of a low-cost chain). Here you will find unlabeled items from Max Mara and other lines of the group at unbeatable prices. The choice is vast and the sales, here, are there all year round.


  • Finally, choose some bright details in your outfits (without exaggerating) to contrast the winter greyness: my favorite accessories are the eye-catching earrings, but also the hardware of your outfits..


chanel boy outfit



Sometimes, in the middle of winter, our outfits might be a little … well, boring. Especially if, due to weather conditions, we need to choose dark colors.

An accessory that can immediately elevate our outfits and give definition to our silhouette, defining the waist, is certainly a beautiful shoulder bag.

In these pictures, I wear my beloved Chanel Boy that I gave myself 3 years ago for my 50th birthday and that I used and still use really a lot.

You can buy this same investment bag:

  • in any Chanel boutique (but it is difficult to always find a valid choice, usually the models and colors available are only few)
  • If you are looking for a new or even new, authenticated and controlled investment handbags, I suggest you to check a great secondhand bag relying on a serious, reliable and affordable luxury online store such as Vestiaire Collective, where I personally bought and sold several bags, but also clothing and footwear, over these last years. I really love the great service they offer and the choice is always so great.

 Here you will find a selection of beautiful Chanel Boy bags from new to new seeds.


And if it’s your first purchase, save even more using to the discount code NOTIMEFORSTYLE20: : you save 15 USD/GBP/EUR for every 120 you spend! It can make a big difference on the cost of an item like a beautiful investment bag. 


vestirsi a strati in inverno



chanel boy outfit


And what are your favorite or best winter outfits?



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