How to Dress for the Heat: the Maxi Dress

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Abito lungo fantasia con borsa a tracolla Gucci


How to dress for the heat?

What to wear when the temperatures are getting higher and higher?

For me, this year the heat and the really extreme temperatures are not only a generic everyday problem (I’m really suffering in very hot climates!), but especially a wardrobe problem. I realized, in fact, that I didn’t have the right things to dress for the heat in my wardrobe, and I ran for cover, buying some new items of clothing, such as the maxi leopard dress in very light cotton that you see in these pictures.

And by the way: if you also need lighter and more summery clothes, I suggest you avoid going to brick-and-mortar shops now. Because online, in fact,  you can still find the complete sales and a lot of choice without even leaving your home!

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But what rules should be followed when the thermometer reaches new highs? How to dress for the heat to stay cool all day?


Here are some rules that are always valid to beat the heat and stay cool even in the middle of summer:


  • Opt for lightweight fabrics, preferably in natural fibers. Even if you make some concessions to synthetic fibers during the year (sometimes you can find cute garments made even in polyester!), in summer you should really try to avoid them. Natural fibers are not only breathable, they also avoid the horrible “tent” effect when it’s hot outside and keep you much fresher.
  • Do you love total black, like me? In summer, when it’s very hot, just wear it in the evening. Because light-colored clothes keep you much cooler, with perceived temperature differences of several degrees when you stay in the sun!


  • Choose fluid lines: the trick, when it is very hot, is not so much to wear as little fabric as possible, but rather to avoid that it stays too close to the body. In short, it’s better to wear a longer skirt or a maxi dress, but with the fluid and fluttering line, than a micro dress or shorts that will remain stuck to your body, making you sweat.


  • If you like them, adopt a nice hat. But, even here, choose your hat absolutely in a light color!


  • Protect your eyes with a nice pair of sunglasses: not only will they give you a trendy look, but they will avoid you to squeeze your eyes often. Go retro, expression wrinkles!


  • Avoid lined garments. They are evil when it’s very hot. Moreover, if you follow the advice to choose fluid lines, the linings are not really necessary.


how to dress for the heat



Dress, All Saints for ASOS (sold out) , similar HERE HERE e HERE

Sandals, Michael Kors, very similar HERE and  HERE

Earrings, ASOS, HERE or HERE

Handbag, Gucci Soho Disco, HERE , for a pre-loved one see also HERE





leopard maxi dress



how to dress for the heat: the best maxi dresses for summer









What about you? Do you still have any gaps in your summer wardrobe? Or have you already found the right pieces to complete your summer outfits?



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