How to combine colors in fashion (and the one mistake you should avoid)

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Today’s post is all about a topic that is quite unusual for me: how to use colors in fashion.

As you may have guessed by now, I particularly like neutral shades. Therefore, I tend to dress often using the latter. In recent years, however, I have started to wear more and more colors and try to integrate them gradually in my wardrobe. Strangely enough, I have a strange approach to this issue: I tend not to use bright colors at all. But, when I decide to use them, I mainly focus on bright colors and even in massive doses, I would say!




In this post, which it’s dedicated mainly to those like me who struggle to break away from neutral shades, I would like to give you 7 practical tips to match the colors in your looks. By the way: here you can also find the video I made based on this post! (It’s in Italian only though, sorry!)



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1 Adapt the colors of your clothing to your personal colors

  Color analysis: purple outfit for deep autumn


Everyone talks about color theory, the “science” behind the best colors and ways to create harmony between the shades and nuances of our clothing and our personal colors (eyes, hair, complexion).

Many good image consultants are now working in the market. They are able to realize a personalized analysis of your best colors. Here, very generally, I would like to invite you to experiment with colors also by yourself. In order to identify those shades, those shades of color that best suit your individual colors.

HERE, for example, you can start to find out which colors might look particularly great on you. 




In general, however, it is quite easy to identify even on your own at least some of the shades that look particularly good on you. Often it’s those colors that, every time we wear them, induce others to give us a lot of compliments! Not only for the way we dress, but also for our appearance. Wearing the right colors, especially close to our face, gives us a more vital, more radiant and often even more youthful appearance.  



2. Use a second piece in the same color

Next time you decide to wear a garment or accessory in a more vibrant color than usual, try to “replicate” it with a second garment or accessory.

Just add a detail of the same color or in a similar shade. An example: if you wear an orange blouse, try to match it with a bag, a pair of earrings or even a pair of sandals in the same color.



How to combine red in fashion
Credits: Miamiamine via Pinterest

  The use of a second element of the same shade, in fact, has the magical power to create harmony and consistency in our looks and makethem appear more harmonious and complete.  




3. Create color capsules

This advice is actually an evolution of the advice number 2.

Select two or three colors that look particularly good on you. Now create some “color capsules”, a sort of micro wardrobe in that particular color, consisting of both garments and accessories. An example of a chromatic capsule can be, for example: a violet amethyst blouse, a violet crocodile print leather belt in the same shade, a purple bag, violet jewel encrusted sandals and bronze details, a pair of purple statement earrings.

Once you have identified the 3-4 shades that look best on you, what I recommend you do is to collect pieces – garments and accessories – of the same shade of color.

The collection can go on for years, indeed, it’s fun to collect new pieces in our best colors! It will be in constant evolution, always renewed by some new pieces. Doing so, you will have at your disposal an entire “set” in each of the colors you love the most.

Now you can simply combine the “capsule” with your basic garments in more neutral shades, giving life to endless new looks. These looks will not only be beautiful, but will also be perfectly coordinated in terms of color.  




4. Adapt the colors you use to the context / situation

But the way we match colors also has a symbolic value. That’s why it can be useful to adapt them to the specific situation: in this way, we can choose a bright and very lively color on a day when we want to be the center of attention. On the other hand, for a job interview in an ultra-formal work environment, it will be useful for us to opt for more neutral and soft shades, which convey authority and professionalism.  


Amal Clooney in an orange dress
Amal Clooney in orange; Instyle via Pinterest

But we can also use the power of color to change our mood. Thus, particularly bright colors can give us a burst of energy, while other colors, softer and more delicate, chosen in shades that we love, have the power to soothe us.  


5. Don’t chance everything at once

If, like me, you are particularly fond of neutral tones and do not always feel comfortable with particularly bright and colorful looks, I advise you not to exaggerate.

Replace one item at a time by adding a single garment or accessory in a bright color. If you want to wear for example a jacket in a bright color, try to leave everything else unchanged. Choose a silhouette that suits you, but also a “uniform” you wear very often, chosen between your 2-3 favorites. This will allow you to gradually integrate the new shade and still feel comfortable with what you wear.  


how to combine living coral
Credits: Lulus via Pinterest




6. Start from the bottom

Always with a view to gradually getting used to using more often bright colors in your wardrobe, try to start with a skirt or a pair of colored pants. Instead, keep what you wear next to your face in a soft and more neutral (blouse, sweater, jacket etc.). This will make your outfit look more lively, but you will still feel like yourself, because the first color you see close to your face is still a neutral shade you are used to wear quite often.  


how to combine floral prints
Credits: Jassie Line via Pinterest


7. Don’t try too hard

If you want to use the power of color to your advantage, avoid above all this one mistake: don’t strain yourself.

In fact, if it is true that using more color in your wardrobe can have multiple positive effects (a younger looking and more radiant outfit, a cheerful look, sometimes a more feminine appearance), going too far – or too quickly – in integrating colors in your wardrobe can also have negative effects.  


beautiful classic outfit in neutral shades
Credits: thebestmylooks via Pinterest



I think in fact that neutral shades look great on many women. Above all, they allow them to underline their best physical assets, but also to highlight their own personality in a particularly subtle, refined and elegant way.  




Therefore, play with colors in your looks a little bit, but don’t make too much of an effort.

Trying to hard with new colors, perhaps only to respond to the comments of those who urge you to add a pop of color, or another one of the many comments that are often made by (usually not very elegant) people, does not make any sense.

After all, your way of dressing is a reflection of yourself, your personality, and there is nothing wrong with matching the colors to the extent you want, according to your tastes, but above all in a personal, unique way – your own way!  





What about you? What are your favorite colors and why?  





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