Happy New Year!

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It’s New Year’s Eve in just a few hours. 

Therefore, I wanted to wish you an amazing 2019, full of beautiful things. 

May all your dreams and project come true. May this new year bring you many beautiful surprises, fun things to do, new adventures to live. 

Because it’s all the new ideas, all the new projects, all the trips (far away or close to home), as well as every new (personal, professional or family) adventure that allow us to live a great life and keep us young and alive.

But the frivolous little things, the makeup and all the little (material) gifts to ourselves, all the lovely clothes and accessories are certainly part of the mix. Therefore, I will go on writing about them, don’t worry 😉 . In fact, I will start already tomorrow with a brand new handbag post – as you know, handbags are one of my many passions! 

This year, No Time For Style has evolved from a baby blog with just a couple hundred readers per day to a “teeny blog” that ends the month of December with 54’000 monthly visits. I owe this result entirely to you! Thank you so much! <3 

I hope we will spend many fun moments together also in 2019. I have many new ideas for my blog, like my first giveaway I would like to offer to my readers in the coming months.

I only hope to find the time to do everything. Time… Time is always cruel. For 2019, I really hope to find more time for myself, for all my passions and for all the people in my life I truly love. And, of course, I wish you the same!

Happy new year!

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