Gucci Marmont Small: New Outfits for Fall and Winter

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Gucci Marmont rossa


In recent seasons, my shopping technique has changed. And, I’d say, also greatly improved.

Although I still occasionally make a few unnecessary or wrong purchases, these episodes have fortunately thinned out a lot since I follow the various strategies I talk about in depth in my two publications (only in Italian so far, sorry) my style workbook Corso pratico di stile e gestione del guardaroba , and in my Amazon book The Chic Factor.



This, of course, frees up a lot of resources that, instead of being wasted on many small, low-cost, totally wrong or useless purchases, I can allocate to make 2-3 “investments” per season in my wardrobe. This fall, for example, one of my “investments” in the wardrobe was certainly the purchase of the bag you see in these photos, the Gucci Marmont Small bag.

After thinking a little bit and trying it out at least a couple of times, I decided to take it in red. And I didn’t regret it at all, on the contrary!


gucci marmont rossa small


I decided to match it with a black blouse with flowers and a pair of skinny jeans. Although red is not used in the blouse’s fantasy, I also like my new Gucci Marmont bag worn as a stand-alone element and I find that it ties well with a lot of patterns, from the geometric to the more romantic and flowery ones.

In short, the Gucci Marmont turned out to be a purchase that I’m really very satisfied with and it was worthwhile for me to think for a while, decline first and really take stock of the pieces that could really enrich my autumn/winter wardrobe. In fact, a colorful bag, like the Gucci Marmont, turned out to be a valuable piece in this one. A piece that I will now make rotate as much as possible, adopting all the techniques, challenges and strategies of my workbook.


gucci marmont outfit



Black floral blouse, La Dea, for a great and wide choice see HERE and  HERE

Black coat, HERE or HERE

Gucci Marmont bag in red, new HERE or see HERE for a great vintage piece

Booties, Sam Edelman, HERE

Red earrings, very similar HERE




gucci marmont rossa abbinamenti


My red Gucci Marmont handbag, one of 2-3 investment pieces for my wardrobe this season. In fact, the advantage of already having the “basics” you need is to be able to focus on a few fine accessories and a just a few smaller trendy purchases, to update the wardrobe with little.


borsa Gucci Marmont Small



come abbinare il rosso




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decluttering and wardrobe management workbook




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