Best Investment Bags 2020: Gucci Marmont Review

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best investment bags 2020 Gucci Marmont


Which are the best investment bags to buy 2020 and then enjoy for many years?

Today I would like to review my latest handbag purchase: the Gucci Marmont Small bag, which is in fact, in my opinion, one of the best investment bags for 2020 that will keep its value for a long time. And one of the most stylish and beautiful designer handbags on the market right now.



Before I go on to review the Gucci Marmont, however, I have to make a premise: for me, it was not a love at first sight with this bag.

On the contrary, there have been and there are still several models of this growing handbag collection – the Gucci Marmont series – that I still don’t like at all. These are the larger models, with front flaps, which I find really not very “clean” in their design. But also the models in soft and shaded colors that do not emphasize what in my opinion is the hallmark, and also the single thing that is really beautiful and special about the Gucci Marmont: the quilted “zigzag” pattern of the leather.


best investment bags to buy 2020


The unboxing

But let’s come to the boutique experience and unboxing: the bag was shown to me, presented and sold with the usual kindness and courtesy; on request they also provided me with the bag box. Also, of course, when I confirmed my intention to buy it, they provided me with a new handbag from the “backroom”, which the saleswoman then kindly packaged and wrapped for me.



As you can see from these photos, in addition to the box (supplied only on request) the bag is accompanied by its dustbag, various tags that also serve as a warranty and, of course, Gucci’s typical and lovely black and white shopping bag.

I always suggest you to ask for the box: not only because the current one is very elegant and can be reused or left in view in your wardrobe, if you like. But also because, if in the future you decide to resell the bag, the more original packaging you have, the higher the price you will be able to get.

The same applies, of course, to the original receipt and the “controllato” cards, which also serve as a “certificate of authenticity” in case of resale.


Gucci Marmont, one of the best investment bags 2020



I’ve been using my Gucci Marmont bag non-stop for a few days now, also to evaluate its potential in terms of outfit combinations and its praticity in everyday life.

As much as it was a well thought purchase (even too much so!), every time I buy a bag I notice that, until I really start to use it, I do not have the certainty of 100% to have made the best buying decision.

In this case, though, I’m really enjoying the bag, even more than I had thought. Even though I decided for a colorful bag this time, as a lover of neutral shades I feared that I would use it a little less than other handbags in more neutral color shades. Instead, I’m noticing that due to its particularity it really lends itself to many combinations and can also be worn alone, without requiring any color recall in my outfits.


best investment bags 2020

But let’s move on to a more detailed review of the Gucci Marmont, listing its advantages first:


  • the simple and linear structure, basically a rectangle, which makes this bag very capacious. In this, it is very reminiscent of the Gucci Disco, another shoulder bag that I love very much, and even slightly exceeds it in capacity
  • The rather long and further adjustable shoulder strap, perfect for those who love to carry bags on the shoulder as well as cross body.
  • Its hardware, which unlike other models of the Marmont handbag series in this case is not too heavy or tacky, nor has that vaguely retro aftertaste that I personally do not like in a modern handbag
  • the zipper with its long leather cord is aesthetically pleasing
  • alcantara coated interior, which gives this bag a more “refined” look
  • the inner pocket you can see below in the photo
  • an excellent capacity, as mentioned above, which allows you to store bulky wallets, keys, mobile phone, sunglasses and even a few other small items


Gucci Marmont small
Gucci Marmont Small: a clean, almost spartan interior, but really spacious and well-finished




Gucci Marmont Small, one of the best investment bags to buy 2020
Never forget to ask for the box, especially if it is so beautiful: in addition to giving value to the bag, it proves valuable when you decide to resell the bag.

Gucci Marmont review



I can’t find any for the moment. The bag is exactly as I expected and even better in terms of visual impact once worn.

If I were to suggest an improvement, I would maybe add an internal zippered pocket (for credit cards, coins, etc..), but it’s really a detail.


Best investment bags 2020: the Gucci Marmont Bag

In conclusion:

I finish my review giving the Gucci Marmont Small full marks. For me, it’s a great buy especially for:

  • its extreme practicality, even slightly higher than that of the Gucci Disco (which I still love so much!)
  • the zigzag quilted design, which makes it unique and also a value-added investment for many of your outfits
  • a price that, although exaggerated as that of 100% of luxury bags, still remains below 1000 euros


gucci marmont small outfit
Gucci marmont: for me, a great purchase that I find very versatile. Given its special features and its status as an “iconic investment bag”, it looks great on its own.




In one of the many Gucci boutiques in the world


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