Estée Lauder Double Wear Light review

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Light review


Today I would like to review another cosmetic product that I have used regularly for years: the Double Wear Light foundation by Estée Lauder. Since I started my blog, for a long time I thought that reviews of beauty products were boring. But the statistics – and especially the many private messages I receive, both on social media and in response to my newsletters – are telling me wrong! This review, for example, is one of my most read posts.



Not only is there great interest in cosmetic products and makeup over 40 that really work, but the most detailed reviews also seem to be very much appreciated.


Double Wear Light foundation

One of my “holy grail” products


As I’ve already explained, I’m not a cosmetologist, I’m not an expert in makeup, and above all I don’t behave like that. Instead, I consider myself an informed consumer, who tries to document herself well and always learn something new. I also love researching the products I use. Moreover, I always have little time: for this reason I always aim to select the products that, once tested, I consider to be really effective and of really high quality. Those that really work, in short, and that simplify my life! And this is certainly the case with the Double Wear Light foundation.




Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Light has been my favourite foundation for years, the only one I use with great regularity.

I started using the “big brother” of this excellent product, Estée Lauder Double Wear in the classic version, and was immediately enthusiastic about it. In the meantime, thanks to the regular use of retinol night creams and other products that have proven to be very effective on my mature normal to mixed skin, the texture of my skin has progressively improved. And so I switched to the “light” version of the same foundation, Estée Lauder Double Wear Light.



estee lauder double wear light recensione


Double Wear Light has some of the qualities of the classic version, but it is also quite a different product, lighter and more impalpable, which makes it perfect for any season – even on mid-August.

It is in fact

  • a long-lasting foundation
  • with an medium coverage, but at the same time with a perfect and natural effect
  • with a beautiful finish: natural, impeccable, but barely transparent: the right one to let your skin shine through
  • an authentically no-transfer foundation: no more stained collars and clothes! And, believe me, I’ve tried other apparently non-transferring ones. This one (and its classic version) is the only one that really keeps its promises.


Double Wear Light di Estée Lauder review


The packaging is different from the classic version, definitely more practical. Instead of the classic glass jar, it is in fact contained in a beautiful soft tube, which allows in a single gesture to dose and extract the foundation with great ease.






Double Wear Light  is definitely a long resistance product, even in extreme conditions such as the current summer heat or a day on the ski slopes. What’s really remarkable is that since I’ve been using it, I’ve stopped using powder completely. Of course, my skin has improved a lot in recent years thanks to the constant use of the right antiaging creams, but one of the aspects that really convinces of Double Wear Light is just that: a slightly opaque finish that however does make your skin look young and bright!

It simply eliminates any shiny spots on the face, but does not turn off in any way the radiance of your face.


Estée Lauder Double Wear for mature skin

Double Wear Light has the perfect finish for my skin


Usually, after applying Double Wear Light you can step directly to a touch of bronzer (another favorite of mine) and you’re done!

The texture is strangely thicker than the classic version, which makes it easier to apply, but at the same time it remains more transparent on the skin.

It is an oil-free foundation and this is great for those with normal, mixed and even slightly oily skin. By the way, it has never caused me the slightest problem with irritation, occluded pores, blackheads or impurities. No, this is a product that leaves your skin impeccable.




As far as the application is concerned, given its consistency, it can be applied in various ways: with the tips of the fingers, with a brush and with a beauty blender. Choose the one you prefer!

Personally, I have experimented with all the application methods and for some years now I have been using only THIS.

And, by the way, THESE are just as good, though cheaper.

I find it much easier – and even faster – to get the desired result: a homogeneous finish that covers any redness or imperfections, but at the same time remains light, impalpable, radiant and natural.


Double Wear Light colors

Pebble, the perfect shade for my skin


In short, I would say that the greatest qualities of this truly brilliant product are above all three: an impeccable finish, its longevity and its being really no transfer.

This is the complete range of colours of Double Wear Light:


Estee Lauder Double wear light colors and review

Credit: @ASOS



I personally use the No. 3C2 Pebble.

In short, for me a real must-have, an essential product for my make-up, suitable for day and evening.


estee lauder double wear light recensione








In a perfumery, even with the usual discounts, a good price for this Estée Lauder’s bestseller product is about 48 euros. But I have my sources and I’m always able to pay a little less!

Where to buy Estée Lauder Double Wear Light at the best price:


Estée Lauder Double Wear Light: HERE

The classic version: HERE

Estée Lauder Double Wear versione Nude (an even lighter version): HERE

Estée Lauder Double Wear compact version: HERE  or HERE (cheaper)

Camouflage version of Estée Lauder Double Wear, for a complete covering: HERE

Estée Lauder Double Wear Primer, already on my wishlist: HERE

… and, of course, all the other great products  of this fantastic makeup product line!




In short, Double Wear Light was love at first sight – in fact, at first use – which, in all these years of regular use, has become even more a must-have for me thanks to the many virtues demonstrated by this foundation.



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