Dress for less in spring and summer: 6 great things you should buy now

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Spring Summer fashion trends - six low cost items that transform your wardrobe


To par with my recent post about my favorite luxury items that added the most value to my wardrobe during these last years,  I decided to write a post about six small low-cost purchases that I loved and appreciated particularly over the years and that, despite their “small” price, have also shown a good durability and quality over time.  





  Borse di tendenza per la primavera estate


This clutch bag has cost very little and has been used a lot over the years. It has also proved valuable for happy hours and evenings out, especially in the summer. Moreover, it is one of those low cost purchases that takes up very little space and is an ideal companion for any holiday or trip. It looks beautiful paired with all neutrals, but also with more vibrant colors.

I have one of these clutch bags and I have been using it for many years now with great satisfaction and although it was a low-cost purchase it’s still in great conditions!  


Where to buy it: For a sparkling version, HERE Classic and simply perfect, HERE




  I migliori orecchini low-cost per l'estate


 For me they have to be large, 6 cm in diameter as a minimum, otherwise they look a little old fashioned. They are a low-cost accessory and a must-have. Every now and then I think to replace it with a pair in real gold, but it’s difficult to find large ones made of gold.

For this reason, when I find a great new pair in the costume jewelry section at a good price I always buy them. If you are a little careful with liquids and cosmetics, they last a long time anyway. In my opinion, they look great with long, loose hair, but also with short hair or a ponytail.  


Where to buy them: For great quality ad a fair price and handmade pieces I always, always look for them on Etsy, I love it! For example HERE. Or  HERE!





espadrilles le migliori scarpe di tendenza per la primavera estate


The ones I love the most are made of taupe canvas, they are at least ten years old and are by Gaimo. Very comfortable, I’ve really overused them, semi-destroyed and then repaired them because I couldn’t find a valid substitute. Actually, it’s not that difficult to find a bautiful pair of espadrilles. And since they are back in fashion, the choice is quite wide, too!

For me, they have many advantages as summer footwear: they are comfortable, they are casual but in a feminine and cute way, if they get wet they don’t get damaged and they look good with skirts and dresses as well as with jeans and trousers (both skinny and flare). This makes it another ideal accessory for travel and holidays.  


Where to buy them: For example HERE And for a really DELICIOUS selection of great, mostly handmade models, also look HERE




bigiotteria boho chic


I call these long necklaces with tassels “Balinese necklaces” because I bought many of them last year, during a holiday in Indonesia. Colorful or neutral, metallic or more opaque, they look great on dresses and sundresses, with a bikini and a tunic on the beach, but also on more urban looks.

Last winter I also combined them even with cashmere sweaters, in the winter. Their typical elongated, long V-shaped shape also makes you look sleeker.  




Where to buy them:

Obviously I recommend using them as an excuse for a holiday in Bali 😉 …

Otherwise, you can also find some beautiful pieces HERE and HERE (and here you can find some of the most beautiful matching BRACELETS, they look lovely if you wear several of them together).  




i migliori sandali per l'estate


I found a great pair at a really small price on Amazon a couple of seasons ago and, given the comfort and the great resistance, I bought them also in other colors. I have also recommended then to some of my friends who in turn have bought several pairs!

That’s why I wanted to recommend then to you too, if you are looking for a comfortable and “minimalistic” pair of sandals that you can wear basically with everything. It may not be real leather, but in the middle of summer it is not that important, I find.  


Where to buy them:

 HERE or HERE in different models and colors (this second one is exactly the model I bought, in various colors because of the comfort and great value for money!)




meghan markle outfit


This basic garment par excellence in summer really goes with everything: with black office trousers, maybe slightly cropped and combined with a nice sandal, over a pair of shorts, under a black slip dress, but also during a beach holiday, perhaps in a longer version you can use as a cover-up.

You can obviously find T-shirts everywhere, but they are not always high quality and after a couple of washes you often have to throw them away.  But after years of trials and errors, I’ve found the perfect ones for me!


Where to buy them:

For me, the best ones are  by ASOS , they come in many different shapes and colors and the quality and wearability are great. The last one I bought is THIS ONE and I’m really satisfied.




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