Chloé Tess Bag: Review, Outfits, and Inspiration

In line with one of the main pillars of this blog, I want to dedicate my first 2019 blog post to my last purchase for my personal handbag collection: the Chloe Tess Bag. 

The Chloé Tess bag in my wardrobe

The Tess Bag, the newcomer in the Chloe handbag collection, is made of an elegant combination of leather and suede. It has a rounded and sophisticated silhouette, perfectly in line with the other recent handbag creations of the French maison.  

The big golden ring, the distinctive element of this handbag, remembers me of another iconic handbag of this brand, the Chloe Faye bag

Chloé Tess Bag: unboxing

This handbag comes in two different sizes: a medium and a small size. I fell in love with the small sized one though, even if the medium size is certainly more practical and spacious for every day.

In any case, also the small version of this bag offers sufficient space for a small-medium sized bag. It’s a structured, solid handbag that allows you to carry a medium sized wallet, your cell phone, your keys, a lipstick and your sunglasses with you. 

It has a double strap: a short one that allows you to elegantly carry the bag on your arm and a longer one to wear the bag cross-body. This last one is also adjustable and allows you to carry the Tess Bag on your shoulder or cross body. 



  • The moderate size of the small version of this bag. It’s certainly more capacious than other bags in a similar size, but it’s certainly not the ideal bag for women who need to carry a lot of stuff with them on a daily basis.  
  • The strap, although easy to adjust, is a little stiff when you try to lengthen it. At the same time, though, the leather seems to be of a really good quality and very resistant to time and wear.


  • The double strap: thanks to the shorter one you can comfortably carry your bag on your arm, whereas the longer strap makes this handbag really practical, helps prevent bag-snatching and allows you to carry the bag cross body. 
  • The leather: compared to other similarly fashionable Chloe handbags, this one is really resistant to time and use. In terms of durability, it’s certainly a better choice compared to the iconic Chloe Faye bag.
  • Dimensions: the medium sized Tess bag is without any doubt a great casual handbag, but the small one is simply gorgeous! Not surprisingly, many fashion bloggers around the world adore this bag in the smaller version. It’s the small size, in my opinion, that makes this handbag iconic and really special. 
  • The color palette as well as the special versions of this bag:  I chose it in tan / cognac because, as I told you in THIS POST, I’ve been looking for the perfect tan handbag for years. At the Chloe boutique in Milan I had the opportunity to examine the handbag in several other colors and to admire it also in a beautiful nude crocodile print leather version. Rarely I’ve seen so many beautiful, rich colors like the ones of the different versions of the Chloe Tess bag. 

Personally I can only say that this handbag is another great success of the french maison. I’ve already started to use my bag quite often and I already know I will use it even more this spring and summer!

I would only discourage buying the Tess bag someone who really needs a big, capacious bag that contains a lot of stuff. 

Apart from this aspect, I’m really convinced that the Tess bag by Chloe is a great choice for day and night. It has a certain boho vibe, but it’s also perfectly suitable for every woman with a more classic, contemporary or minimalist style.

The Tess bag has room enough for all your necessary items and makes every outfit edgy and trendy. 

Do you like the new Tess bag by Chloe? And which color would you choose?

You can buy the handbag HERE.


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