Céline Small Big Bag: Unboxing and Review

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Celine Small Big Bag reviewA few weeks ago I decided to go to Milan and buy myself a new bag. My choice fell on Céline’s Small Big Bag, which I would like to review in this post. In the past I used to buy new bags much more often, but somehow I was never happy with my last purchase and I often resold the handbags I bought quite quickly after buying them.



This year, however, it’s my first handbag purchase: I have in fact developed healthier habits and I now tend to evaluate well any new buy. And, quite often, I prefer to wait for months and months before choosing the right model when I’m not completely sure. In this case my doubt was between two different handbags, both by Céline.



As I told you in THIS BLOG POST, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect tan handbag for years. For me, tan is one of those ideal colors for accessories, especially during the summer. In fact, I find that a beautiful tan color handbag, chosen in a not too dark shade, matches beautifully with many other colors I use very often: white, navy, the whole range of beiges and grays, even with black.


But, above all, a tan handbag is also perfect with very bright colors such as red, yellow, or blue, which many of us wear a lot especially in the summer.



At the same time, though, tan accessories sometimes risk looking a bit too sporty and boho, and are therefore not always the perfect choice for work or for more urban looks. And in recent years, one of my goals in building my ideal closet is to be able to make targeted purchases that are also very versatile, and to buy items that are not limited to a few uses, but can be used for a variety of different fashion situations!

With the Small Big Bag by Céline, I think I have found the right compromise: on the one hand, the color is sufficiently sporty and perfect for a daytime use, both for leisure and work; on the other hand, the smooth leather in this particular tan shade is not too casual and can be perfectly worn with my urban chic outfits too.




But let’s have a look at the most important advantages of the Small Big Bag by Céline that led me to choose this particular handbag model:



– The medium-large size of this handbag is large enough for daily use, especially if you want to carry it around for the whole day.

– The shoulder strap is long enough to allow you to carry the bag both on the shoulder and, if necessary, also on cross body.

– Lightness: this bag is almost completely hardware free and therefore very lightweight. This is convenient if you use it for example for a long round of commissions or if you have to stay out of the house all day.



– Leather type and color: I find that this type of leather offers the perfect compromise between the typical casual vibe of a tan bag and the simple elegance that I look for in a city bag.

– The practicality: even if the front buckle is not very convenient to open and close every time, the trapeze model allows you to extract small objects also laterally, without having to open the bag every time. Nevertheless, the bag remains sufficiently closed so that it does not appeal to malicious people.


Céline small big bag recensione e unboxing

A metal hook keeps the bag closed even if you leave the buckle untied… the effect, seen from the outside, is very casual chic!




– As I said before, the buckle closure is not very practical if you have to open and close the bag completely many times during the day. For me, this is a fairly limited disadvantage, however. This is because my hand can still pass through the small side openings without molding the bag to take the necessary items from the bag.

– The absence of any metallic protection on the bottom. It’s better therefore to avoid placing it directly on the ground , or on rough surfaces in general, when you are outdoor. For me, anyway, these are really the only disadvantages I can find in Céline’s Small Big Bag.



Céline small big bag recensione e unboxing


In conclusion, I would recommend Céline’s Small Big Bag to anyone looking for a practical, lightweight, comfortable bag that is large enough to be used in many ways, but also elegant and sophisticated enough to adapt to more urban looks and even on a total black outfit, which I use quite often. In short, I’m really very satisfied with my new buy!

I find that I bought a handbag that really adds some value to my closet and my handbag collection: I didn’t have any bags in this color in my collection of handbags and my new Céline Small Big Bag really goes with most of the colors I wear all year long.




What do you think? Do you like Céline’s Small Big Bag? And what’s your
next dream bag? I’m really curious!


Céline small big bag recensione e unboxing

Unboxing: Céline’s packaging is chic and minimal just like the brand’s philosophy

  Céline small big bag recensione e unboxing



Céline small big bag outfit recensione e unboxing    



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