A faux fur collar to change up your winter outfits

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One of the accessories that I have loved and used the most in winter in recent years is the faux fur collar. In fact, I could say I’ve abused them, since I wear them really often.


collo di pelliccia ecologica per cappotto


As I explained in other posts presenting different strategies to make your wardrobe’s garments and accessories rotate to the maximum, there are many really versatile accessories that allow you to vary even a lot your outfits without much expense and a faux fur collar is certainly one of these.  




In recent years, then, faux fur collars to wear over coats, sweaters and jackets are living a golden age, since they are super trendy: the result is that in the stores you can find a lot of very beautiful ones, especially online.  


collo di pelliccia ecologica per cappotto



For me, faux fur collars have several advantages:

  • they immediately liven up even the simplest of your coats
  • they allow you to experiment and play with colors and the laws of color theory: just choose them in the most suitable color for your personal color season!
  • it’s, in fact, one of those accessories that add variety and style to outfits with extreme ease
  • you can use them to further warm up and protect your throat, which for me is a delicate area when it’s cold
  • they are an ideal accessory for transitional months: they can also be worn in a trendy way over leather jackets and the classic biker jacket, for example, creating trendy looks
  • a faux fur collar is a younger, more fun alternative to the traditional wool scarf
  • faux fur collars are useful to wear coats whose color doesn’t suit us, creating a pleasant “break” between the coat and our face
  • it can be chosen in colors that match well with other accessories we wear, such as bags, shoes, boots and jewelry
  • chosen in a color that matches the color of our wool and cashmere sweaters, they create interesting outfits even for interiors, for example during your ski holidays.

  collo di pelliccia ecologica per cappotto  

Here: a three-color faux fur collar that goes well with my Gucci Disco bag in sand

  collo di pelliccia ecologica per outfit invernali  

This faux fur collar makes my moleskin coat warmer and more wintery, otherwise a little too light for January…

  collo di pelliccia ecologica per cappotto




Navy coat, Zara, super old, similar and very suitable here

Faux Fur Collar: ASOS, last year’s, wide choice HERE

Here, too, you will find a wide selection of top quality fur collars

Bag, Gucci Disco. New: in any Gucci boutique.

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Full review of the Gucci Disco bag: HERE



colli di pelliccia ecologica  

A winter accessory that multiplies your outfits…

  i più bei colli di pelliccia




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