9 Things to Get Rid of Before New Year

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Traditionally, for me, these last days of the year are dedicated to decluttering and tidying up. 

In the last few years I’ve done this mainly in my wardrobe, but also in other rooms and spaces of the house. 

Recently, though, after having simplified my wardrobe so much, the concept of decluttering has assumed a more immaterial dimension. 

In any case, tidying up and creating space for new and better things is good for your soul and this moment of the year is the best to do it. For this reason I’ve listed some of the most important things to get rid of before the new year begins!



Toxic Thoughts

pensiero positivo
Credits: Binti Malu via Pexels

I’m talking about all those negative and useless thoughts that don’t do us any favor, but haunt us nonetheless and constantly come to our mind, again and again. Let’s declutter them merciless – before anything else! 

But it’s not that easy of course. Therefore I invite you to read this article, which contains some helpful tips to get rid of toxic thoughts: 


Expired Medicines and Beauty Products

Credits: Bryan Schneider via Pexels

To examine them all doesn’t usually take too long. This year I didn’t ounly declutter my expried beauty products; I also donated some new products that simply aren’t the best choice for my skin and hair type. 

Speaking of rationalizing your beauty products, I  also wrote this post some time ago: questo utile post su come razionalizzare i cosmetici, pieno di consigli pratici. (It’s in Italian only, sorry).

All the clothes that don’t make us feel beautiful

We know it’s easy to declutter old and worn-out clothes, as well as those that are out of fashion or really ugly. But it’s more difficult to let go of those garments that don’t have any real flaws, but simply don’t make us feel beautiful when when wear them. Since they have a big impact on our mood, though, we should really let them go!



The terrible habit of checking out our cell phone or the Internet before going to sleep


I think this is a really toxic habit, but also really difficult to eradicate. For this reason, I’m trying to put my phone in airplane mode some time before going to sleep and to watch a movie or read a book instead. It’s working! 

Old frozen leftovers

cosa fare con gli avanzi

I don’t know why, but I tend to believe my freezer has magical powers, like the one to maintain everything fresh forever. It’s not true, of course, so I invite everyone to throw away without mercy all those old leftovers that have been vegetating in your freezer for so long.

Old birthday cards

It’s one of the few things I tend to hang on for sentimental reasons. Lately though I tried something new: I took pictures of the most significant birthday cards I’ve received, for example for my last “important” birthday, and made a mood board with all of them; so I can read them every time I like it.

Too many plastic bags

sacchetti di plastica
Credits: Juan Pablo Arenas via Pexels

I shall start by saying that I make a real effort to always use recyclable bags instead of buying new plastic bags. Nonetheless, they tend to accumulate over time. I notice that, often, other people is anxious to give you their own plastic bags when they give you something, probably because they have too many of them too and feel guilty because of that. 

I feel like a sort of eco-criminal because I have so many, but I think that collecting them and bring them to a waste management center so that they can be managed and recycled properly is the lesser evil. 

Useless paper documents

Credits: Pixabay via Pexels



For how long do you have to keep paper documents? 

For those who live in Italy, I found this practical guide: https://www.laleggepertutti.it/266580_per-quanto-tempo-conservare-i-documenti

For those who, like me, live in Switzerland, I suggest to read
THIS, at least for commercial documents .

Toxic people

Credits: WomenWorking.com via Pinterest

This is without any doubt the most difficult kind of decluttering, at least for me. People clearly are not things. We make connections with other human beings, even if they end up being toxic for us. And these bonds are not easy to break.

But when a situation really makes us suffer and reveals to be toxic for us, we owe it to ourselves to do it.

If it helps, you can still leave the door a little open; if the toxic person decides to come back, at YOUR conditions this time, he or she can still do so. But in the meantime you will have eliminated a weight from your shoulders you didn’t deserve to have in your life.

I wish you all a great 2019 . May you live it with lightness and grace, with few weights and a lot of free space to greet all the new, fantastic things that, I am sure, this new year will bring you. 

 Happy new year! 



What about you? Are there particular things, thoughts or persons you would like to get rid of before the new year begins?



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