3 Cool Jeans Trends to Wear This Season

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Jeans Trends 2018 2019


Jeans have always been a cornerstone of my wardrobe. I have always used them a lot and for many different occasions.

I find them really versatile:  with different accessories, they are able to cover many different occasions.

Not having the need to look very formal at work, I often wear them even in my office, in a smart casual version.

I once owned an extremely high number of jeans; during the last few years I’ve been a little more moderate with my jeans shopping, avoiding to replace all the jeans I discarded.

I always liked to follow the evolution of jeans. That’s why I decided to write a post about the most popular jeans trends for winter 2019.

First of all, however, I would like to dispel the myth (that in the last 5 years at least has been re-proposed every season) according to which skinny jeans are finally out of fashion: women continue to wear them happily and skinny jeans are still the most seen shape and the most widespread jeans type everywhere.

For a simple reason: they look great on many women and are perfect to create different outfits; you only need to pay attention to the particular model and color you choose.


That said, however, in the past few seasons and even more during these early autumn months we have witnessed the arrival of several different and innovative trends.

On the Internet I found  posts with titles like “The 25 hottest jeans for a/w 2019“, which in my opinion are quite absurd (I mean, who really wants to follow simultaneously 25 different trends and this only for jeans?!).

Not to mention that, if you can really wear 25 different shapes of the same thing, none of them will be really “fashionable”- or, on the opposite side, everything goes, an idea I like much more.

In this post I want to focus on the three “strong” trends of the current season, showing you some outfit pictures, just to simplify our life a little.

And if you decide to buy a pair of “seasonal” jeans, you can find a great choice here:


Flared jeans

Short ankle jeans

Mom Jeans




Flared Jeans
Flared jeans (Pinterest)


Originally invented in the ’70, these jeans have been repeatedly represented since then, the last time not so long ago. The distinctive feature of flared Jeans in their “2019 edition” is undoubtedly the (higher) rise and the cropped shape – short at the ankle – of these jeans.

If the higher rise helps to contain any “softness” around the waist, it is also true that this jeans model is maybe more suitable for slender women with long legs, because they tend to visually shorten the lower part of the body. But this effect can be easily neutralized by wearing high(er) heels. But also curvier women will look great in these jeans: their particular line also helps to counterbalance more rounded hips and thighs.



Cropped flare jeans




Jeans Trends 2019



Cropped jeans
Cropped jeans. Here: paired with an ideal pair of ankle boots that are tight at the ankle.


The most seen options this year are essentially two: straight jeans with a slightly soft leg and cropped flare jeans.

Another trendy detail is the frayed or unfinished rim (better not to exaggerate though: the long bangs can make your legs look visually shorter).

In any case, they have the power to modernize the whole look and to make the most of a slim ankle.

Anyway, to make the best of these jeans, it is advisable to wear them with a ankle-tight bootie or a sock bootie, another must-have for the current season.

The straight leg model creates a more casual and androgynous look, while the “cropped flare”version makes the silhouette look more feminine and curvy.

You can easily DIY this model using an old pair of straight leg jeans or boyfriend jeans that you no longer use.

Here you can find a useful DIY tutorial 



Black flare jeans


Jeans corti alla caviglia




Cropped flare



Mom jeans


I left this model for the end because in my opinion it’s the most difficult to wear. Mom jeans, the “comfortable” version of the boyfriend jeans, are really difficult to wear with style: they require a really slim physique to compensate for the unsightly bumps they create even on skinny and athletic women.


Personally I don’t think that I will ever wear them.

If you like them, however, they are definitely fashionable! The best shoes to pair with mom jeans are pumps or a pair of sneakers.

They are useful to camouflage a little muffin top, but they are less suitable for those who have a bigger butt, because they are generally less forgiving.

In short, this model certainly requires a little strategy (better to opt for cropped tops and short and slim fit shirts to pair with mom jeans and to wear your jeans with turn-offs to discover the ankle), but the result can be absolutely trendy.



Mom Jeans

Mom jeans


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